water cooled refrigerated air dryer
industrial air compressor dryer 1
water cooled refrigerated air dryer
industrial air compressor dryer 1

300m³/min Water-cooled Industrial Refrigeration Air Compressor Dryer

Lingyu is very professional refrigeration air dryer manufacturer in China. We produce high quality industrial air compressor dryer. Both air-cooled and water-cooled refrigerated air dryer are available. And this is large air dryer for air compressor.

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Lingyu is very professional refrigeration air dryer manufacturer in China. We produce high quality industrial air compressor dryer. Both air-cooled and water-cooled refrigerated air dryer are available. And this is large air dryer for air compressor. It’s air capacity is 300m³/min. Moreover, we can customize compressed air dryer up to 350m³/min.


Refrigerant air dryer is a compressed air treatment equipment. It can remove the moisture or water in the dryer system. Finally achieve ideal pressure dew point. This industrial air compressor dryer uses 3-in-1 plate heat exchanger. So the pressure dew point is more stable. It can reach 2~8℃.


Parameters of the refrigeration industrial air compressor dryer

Air dryer model LY-PD-2600W
Air capacity 300m³/min or 10500 cfm
Rated air pressure Std. 0.5~1.0MPa, Max 16bar
Inet temperature ≤50℃
Working ambient temperature Min 2℃  Max:45℃
Pressure dew point 2~8℃
Air loss Std.0.15 bar
Refrigerant dryer power 40.5KW
Voltage 3-phase 380V/50HZ (others custom)
Refrigerated air dryer size 2650*1600*1880mm
Dryer machine net weight 2600KG
Refrigeration dryer type water-cooled refrigerant air dryer
Cooling water temperature Std.30℃  | Min 2℃  Max:32℃
Cooling water pressure Min 2 bar  Max:6 bar
Refrigerant compressor Hanbell screw type compressor
Heat exchange system 3-in-1 plate heat exchanger
Advantage of our industrial air compressor dryer Engergy-saving, stable pressure dew point, clean and hygienic
As refrigeration air dryer manufacturer, we can customize many special requirements. For example, we can add a dew point meter. Can also add IoT communication control.
refrigerant industrial air compressor dryer


Why choose our water-cooled refrigerant air dryer?

(1) Low energy consumption

① The inlet and outlet pressure difference of the dryer is about 0.01MPa. Below 0.015MPa. So we can set lower discharge pressure for the air compressor. Then it will consume less energy. We are refrigeration air dryer manufacturer.

② It uses pure counter-flow heat exchange system. The temperature difference between the air inlet and outlet is 10 °C. Compared to traditional refrigerant dryer, the system can recover 40% more cooling capacity. This is the reason for the energy saving. Under the same working conditions, it can save energy by over 30%. Really achieve “low dew point” and “low energy consumption”.

③ This industrial air compressor dryer uses Hanbell screw refrigerant compressor. It has its own energy regulation function. This is equivalent to a vsd refrigerant dryer. It can automatically adjust according to the air consumption. So it is good for energy saving.


(2) Excellent water removal effect

This water-cooled refrigerant dryer has a lower dew point. The dew point of the traditional dryer is 2~10℃. However, this one can reach 2~8℃. Besides, it’s 100% guaranteed. It uses a plate heat exchange system. The heat exchange efficiency is higher. So it can guarantee a stable low dew point.


(3) High quality spare parts

① Firstly, use Hanbell’s refrigerant compressor. It has super cooling and low noise. Besides, it’s with automatic energy regulation. So power saving and durable.

② Secondly, the refrigeration accessories are all world-famous brands. For example, the expansion valve adopts Danfoss brand. The hot gas bypass valve is from Sporland, USA. They ensure stable operation of industrial air compressor dryer system.


(4) Easy to operate and control

① Remote communication: MODBUS realizes remote collection, monitoring, start and stop of the dryer;
② Local/remote switch: the passive dry contact signal. So it can realize the remote start and stop of the dryer;
③ Interlocking control: passive dry contact signal. It enables the linkage control of the water-cooled dryer and air compressor;

As refrigeration air dryer manufacturer, we can also customize other functions.


water-cooled air dryer


(5) Wider application range

It has same application to other industrial air compressor dryer. Besides, this air dryer can be suitable for higher requirements. Because it uses the aluminum alloy heat exchanger system. Moreover, the inner pipings are also 304 stainless steel. They don’t rust. Therefore, it can avoid secondary pollution. And the refrigerant is eco-friendly R407C or R410A. So the refrigerant air dryer can be used for food and medical industries. It is can be also applicable to Lithium battery industry.


How does industrial air compressor dryer works?

The working principle of water-cooled air dryer is similar to air-cooled dryer. Here we will introduce air dryer for compressor working principle in detail. Lingyu is top rated refrigeration air dryer manufacturer. If you have other questions, just contact us.

(1) air system working principle of water-cooled air dryer

The screw compressor exhaust compressed air. At first, they are hot and humid. Firstly, they enter the water-cooled precooler. Condenses and cools down. Afterwards, come into the heat exchanger. They will exchange heat with dry compressed air. It can reduce the saturation their temperature. So remove some moisture.

Then, they enter the evaporator of refrigeration dryer. Cool the compressed air to the pressure dew point. That is, 2~8℃. Moisture and some impurities are condensed here. Immediately after, they are separated by separator. Finally, discharged out of industrial air compressor dryer.


(2) Refrigeration system working principle

The low temp liquid refrigerant flows into the evaporator. They will absorb a lot of heat. Then they will be evaporated into a vapor state. Finally they will be sucked into the compressor.

The compressor compresses them into high temperature and high pressure gas. The hot gas bypass valve has an automatic adjustment function. Some gas will go into the evaporator.

Of course, most gas goes to the water-cooled condenser. Condenses and cools liquid refrigerant. Afterwards, go through filter drier. Then enter the thermal expansion valve. Here, the pressure is reduced by throttling. So they will become low pressure liquid. Finally, they enter the evaporator again. Then cycle over and over again.


Industrial air compressor dryer troubleshooting

Lingyu has been refrigeration air dryer manufacturer for over 13 years. We have rich experience in solving problems.

(1) Industrial air compressor dryer not turning on

① Power problems, such as phase loss, short circuit, disconnection, and wire falling off;
② Abnormal voltage;
③ Abnormal switch, contactor, relay, capacitor, temperature control, etc.;
④ The refrigerant compressor is abnormal;
⑤ The refrigeration dryer did not reset after tripping due to high and low pressure.


(2) Refrigerated air dryer not cooling

① The water-cooled air dryer leaks refrigerant
If the high and low pressure gauges are all zero, just check for leaks.
Sometimes, the high pressure gauge is high while the low pressure gauge is low. At this time, it shows that the filter drier is clogged.
In addition, drain the refrigerant and see if there is any pressure. If it is, the evaporator of industrial air compressor dryer is leaking.


② Refrigerant compressor failure

Firstly, touch the air piping with your hand. Then you will feel that there is no temperature difference. Open the industrial air compressor dryer. Touch the inlet and outlet of the compressor. You will feel that the high pressure hose is warm. At the same time the low pressure pipe is cold. Or the high and low pressure gauges are the same value.


(3) Evaporation temperature too low

Sometimes, the evaporating temperature of water-cooled air dryer is too low. At this moment, evaporation pressure is lower than normal value. Possible reasons are as follows:

① Firstly, the capillary or expansion valve has blockage. Or the opening degree is too small. So the supply of refrigerant is insufficient.
② Secondly, the load of industrial air compressor dryer is too small.
③ Thirdly, oil content of the compressed air is too large. Therefore, there is grease on the surface of the heat exchange system. It affects heat transfer.
④ There is a chronic leak in the refrigerant system.


(4) We are using water-cooled air dryer. But there is still water in the air?

① Firstly, industrial air compressor dryer may not drain regularly;
② Secondly, air flow is too large. The actual air consumption suddenly increases;
③ Thirdly, the filter element of the precision filter fails;
④ The front air storage tank is not drained in time;
⑤ In addition, heat exchange system may be damaged;
⑥ There maybe air leakage in the bypass pipeline;
⑦ The refrigerant compressor is aging. So the cooling effect is not good;


Industrial air compressor dryer maintenance

① External maintenance of the dryer:
Mainly clean the outside of water-cooled air dryer regularly. Usually wipe with a damp cloth. Then wipe with a dry cloth. Avoid direct water spray.

Do not use volatile oils for scrubbing. The dryer casing may be discolored.

② Maintenance of automatic drainage:
Check the drainage condition every day. And clean the drain filter regularly. To prevent clogging and loss of drainage.

③ If there is a drain valve on the dryer, it must drain at least twice a day.

④ Maintenance of water-cooled water filter:
It is to prevent solid impurities in cooling water from entering the condenser. Therefore, should clean the filter regularly. In order to avoid insufficient water circulation and poor heat dissipation.

⑤ Internal maintenance of the equipment: Turn off the industrial air compressor dryer. Vacuum and clean internal parts regularly.

⑥ Always pay attention to ventilation around the refrigerant dryer. And avoid direct sunlight and all heat sources.

⑦ Take care to protect the refrigeration system during maintenance. It’s to prevent damage.


⑧ Always observe the cooling water system.And also need to check the inlet temperature of water-cooled air dryer:
1) Cooling water temperature 2~32℃;
2) Water pressure 0.15~0.3Mpa;
3) The inlet temperature of compressed air should generally be less than 45℃;
4) Cooling water should keep clean Y-type filter. Usually clean once a month. If the water quality is good, once a month. In addition, clean the water condenser once a year;

Lingyu is top rated refrigeration air dryer manufacturer in China. We can customize industrial air compressor dryer as request. Welcome for your inquiry!

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