Compressor Air Dryer For Pharmaceutical Industry

This Pharmaceutical company was founded in 1988. They start with a disposable infusion set. Pharmaceutical company Holding Company consists of Pharmaceutical company Group, Pharmaceutical company Construction Industry Group and Pharmaceutical company Financial Holding Group. The pharmaceutical company Group has 12 industrial groups, including medical products, blood purification, orthopedics, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, cardiac consumables, medical business, Shengji, Preh, Jerry, blood technology, and surgical robots. They have high requests for compressed air. Our products LY- M300NX helped them save energy and cost.

Machine Used

6.5m³/Min 200 CFM Air-Cooled Refrigeration Air Dryer


This dryer is high temp type. It’s air capacity is 6.5m³/min. That is, more than 200 CFM. It is suitable for 50 HP air compressor.

Refrigeration dryer is an important air purification machine. It uses the principle of physical cooling and dehumidification. That is, the refrigerant will evaporate and absorb heat. At the same time, moisture will condense into a liquid state. Finally refrigerant air dryer will discharge the water. So it can achieve the desired dew point.