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Excellent China PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator Manufacturer

Lingyu is a reliable PSA nitrogen gas generator manufacturer in China. We produce not only air compressor dryers but also industrial nitrogen gas generators. The available n2 generator system purity is as follows: 95%, 98%, 99%, 99.9%, 99.99%, 99.995%, and 99.999%. Moreover, we also supply the rotary screw air compressor. So if you want to make an on-site psa nitrogen plant, we can provide complete solutions.

Our factory uses pressure swing adsorption nitrogen technology. It’s different from a membrane nitrogen generator. It adopts the PSA working principle and carbon molecular sieve. We can provide a good n2 generator price as a PSA nitrogen generator manufacturer.

Technical Parameters of N2 PSA Generator

Inlet Temperature of PSA Nitrogen Generator ≤40℃ (need to install refrigerated air dryer)
Min Application Pressure 0.5MPa
Atmospheric Dew Point -40~-70℃
Purity of Nitrogen Gas Generator 95~99.999%
Average Regeneration Air Consumption ≤5%
Application Ambient Temperature 5~40℃
Switching Cycle of Industrial Nitrogen Generator 45~60S
Voltage Frequency 220V/50HZ

Features And Advantages of Our PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator

We are one of the most professional desiccant air dryer manufacturers in China. Besides, our dryers often serve customers together with world-famous compressor brands. Our absorption dryers have the following advantages.

Through the touch screen automatic control, you can realize automatic shutdown and startup.

PLC can automatically control the switch of pneumatic valve.

Real-time on-line monitoring of nitrogen purity and flow.

PSA nitrogen machine has nitrogen unqualified alarm function. If it is unqualified nitrogen, the alarm will be raised for a long time. At the same time, the nitrogen generator automatically stops.

It has carbon molecular sieve automatic pressing device.

Unequal potential equalization is adopted. This allows rapid production of high purity nitrogen.

Why Choose Lingyu PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator

1. Unequal Potential Equalization

Our PSA nitrogen gas generator adopts an unequal potential pressure equalization process. It is an improvement of the traditional equal-pressure equalization process. The gas is drawn from the middle of the adsorption tower when equalizing pressure. Then enter the bottom of the desorption tower. We know that the purity of nitrogen increases gradually from bottom to top in the tower. Therefore, it will increase the nitrogen concentration of the desorption tower. At the same time, it reduces the adsorption of oxygen by the carbon molecular sieve in the desorption tower. And improves the nitrogen production efficiency of the carbon molecular sieve.

This is more reasonable and scientific than the equipotential equalization process. The immediate effect is increased nitrogen recovery. Gas production also rises. The indirect effect is energy saving. At the same time, it improves the utilization rate of carbon molecular sieves. The higher the nitrogen purity, the more significant the energy-saving effect!

2. Intelligent Control System

The system flow chart is displayed on the touch screen. For example, it will display the operation status of the PSA nitrogen generator. Also, display the direction of gas flow.

It will display and record the cumulative running time of the n2 generator. When the accumulative use reaches 8000h, it will remind maintenance. The reminder time is 24 hours in a row. But industrial nitrogen generators will not stop automatically.

The following information will be displayed on the touch screen: electronic manual, circuit diagram, flowchart, system maintenance list, operating procedures, purity, pressure, flow, fault alarm, etc. It is convenient for users to inquire from time to time.

3. Advanced Filling Technology And Pressing Device

We fill the carbon molecular sieves using the “Blizzard” method. So make them evenly distributed without dead ends. Moreover, not easy to pulverize. The adsorption tower adopts multi-stage split flow gas distribution equipment. The large PSA nitrogen gas generator adopts a cylinder automatic pressing device. Ensure the adsorption performance and compaction state of the carbon molecular sieve. Also, reduce the coefficient of friction to the lowest point. Effectively prolong the service life of carbon molecular sieve.

During the compaction process, use the vibrating platform to vibrate first. Make the carbon molecular sieve compact more evenly. Then use high-strength wind cannon. Make the compaction higher and the strength better. Finally, install the cylinder-pressing device.

4. Unique Adsorption Tower Design

We fill the carbon molecular sieves using the “Blizzard” method. So make them We adopt the divergent cyclone structure at the bottom of the adsorption tower. It can avoid the impact of the high-pressure airflow on the molecular sieve. At the same time, the gas diffuses evenly. It also greatly improves the use efficiency of the carbon molecular sieve. And reduce the energy consumption of PSA nitrogen gas generators.

There is a special air diffusion device inside. Firstly, compressed air enters the oval head. Diffusion through alumina ceramic balls. Make the gas flow in an “S” shape as it diffuses. Then pass through double-layer stainless steel wire mesh and aluminum oxide. Finally, full contact with the carbon molecular sieve.

5. Nitrogen Purity Monitoring

There is a sampling port at the outlet of the process tank of the industrial nitrogen generator. Check the purity with a nitrogen analyzer. When the purity fails, the nitrogen analyzer outputs a signal. Control unqualified nitrogen vent air valve. Automatically vents to air. The nitrogen analyzer will also output a signal when the purity is ok. Control the qualified nitrogen output pneumatic valve. Automatically deliver nitrogen to the points of use.

The probe of our nitrogen and oxygen analyzer has high sensitivity. Measurement accuracy reaches 0.001%. Electrode life is long. There is no need to replace the probe within three years. In addition, the PSA nitrogen gas generator outputs a signal of 4-20m. So it can transmit data remotely.

6. Adopt High Quality Pneumatic

For the size DN15-DN80, use the pneumatic Y-type angle seat valve. They have short switching times. This helps to reduce the water hammer effect. Consumption of gas is less. Simple structure and good sealing performance. Easy installation and maintenance. The service life of the valve seat is more than 3 million times. Therefore, our industrial nitrogen generator has a low failure rate and stable operation.

Above DN80 adopts a pneumatic pipeline valve. The actuator and the valve body use an integrated design. The installation space is small. You only need small air source pressure to control valves. Long life design for millions of times. Small pressure loss. The circulation area is greater than 90%.


We customize the PSA nitrogen generator. That is, the working principle is pressure swing adsorption.

Use the spring compaction if it’s a small nitrogen generator. And the large n2 generator uses cylinder compaction.

The alumina balls can protect the carbon molecular sieve. Besides, they can also absorb some water.

During pressure equalization, prevent the total inlet and outlet valves from closing. At the same time, it prevents flow fluctuations caused by pressure decay.

In fact, we use a high-quality carbon molecular sieve. Usually, the lifetime can reach 4 to 5 years.

We can make a low-purity n2 generator and a high-purity n2 generator. For example, our purity is 98%, 99%, 99.9%, 99.95%, and 99.99%. In addition, we can also produce a 99.999% PSA nitrogen generator.