Rotary Screw Air Compressor

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Reliable Fixed Speed / PM VSD Variable Speed Industrial Rotary Screw Air Compressor Manufacturer

As an industrial air compressor manufacturer in China, we can produce oil free and oil injected rotary screw type air compressor. The available rotary screw compressors are single stage and two stage. All of them are twin screw type air compressor. These are usually low pressure, such as 90 psi, 100 psi, 115 psi, 150 psi and 174psi, Of course, our factory also manufactures integrated 4 in 1 rotary air compressor with dryer. This can be up to 1.6 MPa (that is, 230 psi). Besides, provide OEM customization service. We supply reliable quality industrial rotary screw air compressor with good price. Welcome to send your inquiry for quick quotation!

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Technical Specifications of Rotary Screw Type Air Compressor

fixed speed and variable speed screw compressor
Oil-lubricated or oil-free
oil-injected type air compressor
3KW, 3.7KW, 5.5KW to 315KW—4HP, 5HP, 7.5HP to 430HP
Air capacity
1.2m3/min to 42m3/min @7 bar
Working pressure
6 bar, 7 bar, 8 bar, 10 bar, 12 bar, 16 bar
Cooling model
air cooling type
Ambient temp
Discharge temperature
ambient temp. +15
Driven model
direct driven
Oil brand
Shell brand S3-S46
blue, yellow, and gray are available
Adjusting way of air capacity
on/off, VFD
Available voltage/frequency
220V/380V/400V/415V/440V/460V, 50HZ or 60HZ 3-phase

Why Choose Our Industrial Compressor?

As a professional screw compressor manufacturer, our products are highly cost-effective. We produce power-frequency machines and variable-frequency PM VSD screw air compressors. Below are the advantages of our variable-speed rotary screw air compressor.

1. High-efficiency Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency Motor

Firstly, the energy-saving performance is superior. It is different from a three-phase asynchronous motor. This can reduce energy consumption by 6~7%. Even at 120 ℃, there is no loss of magnetism. Soft start constant pressure air supply. Because of corona-resistant enameled wire, service life is longer.

2. High-quality Brand Intelligent Inverter

Secondly, we use an Inovance inverter. So it can precisely adjust the rotating speed. Besides, the voltage range is wider (220V to 480V).

The fixed-speed screw compressor cannot be adjustable in time with the air consumption level. But pm vsd screw air compressor can do. So it can save 30% of energy. Then this is the key to saving energy.

3. High-quality Brand Airend

Thirdly, our industrial compressor uses the best brand airends in China: Hanbell and Baosi. Low speed and energy efficiency.

The airend is with original SKF bearings. It has the advantages of the third-generation toothed rotor. Besides, direct coupling and 100% energy transfer.

Longer service life and low maintenance cost. Furthermore, easy to disassemble. So it significantly reduces downtime.

4. Reliable Intake Control System

Our rotary screw-type air compressor adopts an integrated air intake valve. The adjustable range of the air inlet is between 0 and 100%. Besides, there is no pressure loss. Such a stable and has a long lifespan.

5. High-precision Filtration System

Moreover, our air compressor filter has a larger filtration capacity. It can effectively remove dust and particles. To protect the airend and provide pure air. At the same time reduce noise.

6. Smart Color Touch Screen Controller

It is not only easy to operate but also enables remote monitoring.

In addition, we can set multiple languages. At the same time, it can remind you when to maintain. It’s with fault intelligent alarm.

7. Motor Overload Protection

There are two main motors in the air compressor rotary screw system. One is driving the main motor. The other is the cooling circulation fan motor.

Under normal conditions, its operating current shall not exceed 3% of the rated current.

But when it exceeds the set limit, the overcurrent protection device will automatically cut off the main power supply.

At this time, the industrial compressor will shut down. It will not start until reset.
The causes of motor overload are as follows:

  1. Manual operation error: self-adjusting exhaust pressure, improper system adjustment.
  2. Main mechanical failure: such as the under-phase operation of the motor, the safety valve not operating, system setting failure, or oil separator obstruction.

8. Rotary Screw Compressor High Discharge Temperature Protection

Max set discharge temperature of the compressor is 100 ℃. If more than 100 ℃, the system immediately alarms. And then it will cut off the power supply.