Compressor Air Dryer For Energy Saving Transformation

The pressure drop at the inlet and outlet of the whole machine is only about 0.01Mpa. It means that the air compressor can be set with lower exhaust pressure.

Pure countercurrent heat exchange system, air inlet, and outlet temperature difference of 10 ℃. The regenerative system recovers 40% more cooling capacity than the traditional shell and tube dryer. It is the fundamental reason for the energy saving of the plate exchange dryer. Under the same working condition, it can save more than 30% of energy and achieve “low dew point” and “low energy consumption”.

Machine Used

PD Series Energy Saving Refrigerated Dryer


This PD series refrigerated dryer, through forced cooling to reduce the water content of compressed air, to provide users with dry and clean compressed air. The lowest pressure dew point is 2 ℃. It adopts the three in one design of heat exchanger, evaporator and gas-liquid separator, plate-fin structure with high-efficiency heat exchange, microchannel condenser, refrigeration system uses refrigeration compressor with lower energy consumption, and the whole series adopts environmental protection refrigerant, so the whole machine is energy-saving and environmental protection.