Compressor Air Dryer For Fluorine

Inner Mongolia sanaifu Marriott Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shanghai sanaifu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. It is located in the fluorine chemical park of Fengzhen City, Wulanchabu City, Inner Mongolia, the largest fluorine chemical production base in Inner Mongolia.

The user has purchased more than ten sets of ly-d180ahs and ly-d450ahs stainless steel cold dryers from our company in three batches. They provide a stable and clean compressed air source for them.

Machine Used

50m³/Min 3Bar 4 Bar Low Pressure Refrigerated Air Dryer



This low pressure air dryer is 4 bar. Besides, this one is high temperature refrigeration dryer. In addition to the 4bar dryer, we can also customize other low pressure dryers, such as 3 bar, 6bar, etc. It can remove moisture in compressed air effectively. Finally we can get the low pressure dew point. The low pressure air dryer applications are as follows: textile, printing, ceramic industry, etc.