Air Dryer Desiccant: Some Vital Information That You Should Know

A desiccant air dryer is also known as an adsorption dryer. It is a piece of industrial machinery that removes water from the air that passes through it using desiccant materials. A typical desiccant air dryer system has a two-tower configuration to guarantee a constant air-drying cycle.

In this context, we will introduce you to some knowledge about air dryer desiccant.

The Desiccant Air Dryer System

The air dryer desiccant system has a dual tower construction. The online drying tower is the first thing the compressed air passes through before entering the dryer. Most of this now dry air is routed to equipment and processes farther down the line. Peeled-off pieces of the dry air are then passed through the offline or regenerating tower. Depending on the type of desiccant dryer, heat may be supplied to boost the effectiveness of the regenerated airflow. The towers will alternate frequently to allow for the regeneration of the offline tower. Desiccant, an absorbent material, is used to fill the towers.

desiccant air dryer

How An Air Dryer Desiccant Operates?

The use of an air dryer desiccant usually requires two identical towers. Towers that are packed with desiccant. While the other tower is being recharged, one is used to dry the compressed air. The dryer periodically shifts between towers under the direction of a central control unit. The second tower is now drying the compressed air. While the first tower is drying the wet, saturated desiccant in the first tower. Most dryers have a little sight glass. Tiny beads can be seen behind the glass. This is an indication rather than a drying desiccant. When the air is overly moist, it will change hue. To ensure that your dryer is operating correctly, check it sometimes.

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Final Say

After reading this, we hope you understand our air dryer desiccant products clearly.

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