What is A Refrigerated Air Dryer Used For

Refrigerated air dryers play a vital role in various industries. They solve one of the most common and costly issues encountered in compressed air systems: moisture. These systems efficiently remove moisture from compressed air through a cooling process. It will ensure the air remains dry and suitable for many applications. Whether it is preventing corrosion in pipelines, improving final product quality, or boosting equipment longevity, the importance of refrigerated air dryers in maintaining optimal compressed air quality cannot be overstated. This article will look into refrigerated air dryers’ various uses and benefits and how they operate. Ultimately, we will discuss the key considerations when selecting a suitable dryer for specific applications.

What to Know About Refrigerated Air Dryer

A refrigerant air dryer is a technological system that eliminates moisture from compressed air. Through the use of a refrigeration system, it cools the compressed air. The moisture in the air is then condensed and drained. It is an effective system. It can prevent corrosion, freezing, and other damage caused by compressed air systems due to the impact of moisture. The compressed air is cooled at a low temperature of about 3-4℃. It will make the system’s moisture condense into water droplets. The compressed air dryer becomes moisture-free when the droplets are drained from the system.

Different pollutants can be formed in the compressed system, affecting its functionality or damaging the system. Some are formed when compressed air exits the compressor. It will cause contaminants like moisture, dirt, and oil traces to form. Other contaminants build-up while the system is compressing. Either way, the contaminants have adverse effects on the air system and can limit the system’s output. The moisture will be removed without affecting production using a refrigerated air dryer for the compressor.

Uses of Refrigerated Air Dryer For Air Compressor

Refrigerated air dryers for compressors are used in various companies. The moisture can impact production quality output or damage equipment. Most of the industries that make use of the refrigerator air dryer have an ambient temperature that is below 500℃ or 1220℉. The condensation moisture that can lead to damage is prevented using the compressed air refrigerated dryer. Some of the instances that need the effective use of refrigerant-type air dryers include.

1. Manufacturing Process

In manufacturing industries, when there has moisture, this can result in substantial issues in the compressed air. The compressed air system can become rusted or corrosive or damage sensitive equipment. When such happens, it results in downtime and reduced product quality. Using a refrigerant type air dryer, moisture is effectively removed from the compressed air. The result will be optimal performance and reliable pneumatic tools, machinery, and control systems operation.

2. Food And Beverages Industry

In these industries, strict hygiene is essential. However, when moisture is present in the compressed air, it can contaminate and reduce product quality and safety. With a refrigerator air dryer that removes moisture, microbial growths are prevented. Food will be fresh, and products will meet necessary safety regulations.

3. Medical And Healthcare Facilities

In healthcare facilities, refrigerator air dryer helps power essential instruments, pneumatic tool, and equipment. Refrigerated air dryers can eliminate moisture, providing clean and dry air for critical medical operations. So, patient safety will not be in jeopardy, and instrument functionality will not be meddled with.

4. Laboratories And Research Facilities

A controlled ambiance is necessary for facilities to function effectively and produce accurate results. The presence of moisture can affect experimental outcomes. And for such not to happen, refrigerant air dryers are necessary to ensure accurate and consistent results and prevent damage to scientific instruments.

5. Paint And Coating Applications

Dry air is necessary for painting and coating to prevent defects. Like fish-eyeing, blistering, or uneven application. With dry air, high-quality finishing will be achieved and prevent reactions due to moisture. They will lead to adhesion and surface imperfections of paints and coating.

Refrigerated Air Dryer

Benefits of Compressed Air Dryer Refrigerated

  • Refrigerated air dryers’ operation is effortless and not expensive
  • The operating cost of refrigerated air dryers for compressors is relatively low. As a result, it is a cost-effective dryer for many businesses using them.
  • The installation process of refrigerant type air dryers is easy, and the maintenance is minimal.
  • Compressed air dryer refrigerated suits different applications as it can handle a wide range of airflow and pressure.
  • It has a reliable system of protection that can avoid condensation.
  • A refrigerated air dryer is compatible with other types of air dryers.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing A Refrigerant Air Dryer

Before choosing a refrigerant air dryer that suits your industrial use, there are things you should consider to make the right decision. These factors will ensure effective performance in using the compressed system chosen.

Maximum Pressure

This is a crucial factor to consider to make an informed decision. The maximum pressure of the refrigerated air dryer should be the same or higher than that of the compressor.

Required Dew Point

This is the temperature at which moisture in the compressed air will condense into liquid form. The dew point of a refrigerated compressed air dryer varies based on where it will be used. The dew point is low for industrial use like paint and coating or health facilities. While for some, you may need a medium or high dew point for its use.

Compression Efficiency

This involves the refrigerated air dryer to cool and remove moisture from the air without high energy consumption. However, consider refrigerant-type air dryers with energy efficiency. This is because energy efficiency also affects operating costs indirectly.

Temperature Inlet

Every air dryer comes with a specified temperature inlet. Exhaustion of the temperature can affect the effectiveness of the equipment or part of the equipment itself. Consider a compressor with an attached after-cooler to the system. The compressed air temperature will be within a fair range with the after-cooler.

Size And Installation Requirements

Before choosing one, the physical environment where the refrigerated air dryer will be installed should be considered. In doing this, consider the dimensions, weight, and access for maintenance. You should also put into account the electrical and plumbing requirements. This will help you evaluate the infrastructural compatibility with the air dryer.

Noise Level

The refrigerant air dryer’s installation environment should be considered. If noise is a concern where it will occupy, you must consider the one that works quietly without causing noise pollution. On the other hand, you can choose the one that can be installed in a space where the effect on nearby personnel or sensitive equipment is minimized or low.

Maximum Room Temperature

The air dryer should occupy the greatest room temperature. Putting it in a hot room, it could result in overheating. Thus, ensure that the maximum operating temperature is equivalent to the refrigerant air dryer.

Reliability And Maintenance

A manufacturer known for producing a durable and reliable refrigerator air dryer should be patronized. Consider the dryer’s components if they can be easily replaced and maintenance can be carried out.

Cost And Budget

The initial buy cost, energy consumption, and maintenance requirements of all the available options should be considered. This will enable you to make an accurate decision in line with your budget and choose the most suitable.

Refrigerated Air Dryer


Refrigerated compressed air dryer plays a critical role in maintaining the quality and reliability of compressed air systems. It can effectively remove moisture and impurities from compressed air. And it can ensure an uninterrupted supply of clean, dry air to various applications and equipment. Using a refrigerated compressed air dryer helps prevent corrosion, prolong the lifespan of equipment, and improve overall operational efficiency. Additionally, it aids in reducing energy consumption and minimizing maintenance costs associated with moisture-related issues.

The refrigerator air dryer has a compact design, easy installation, and user-friendly operation. It is a cost-effective solution for all industries heavily relying on compressed air. It will offer a dependable and efficient method of dew point control. And it can ensure the moisture and contaminants are effectively eliminated, resulting in optimal performance and consistent productivity.

Investing in a refrigerant air dryer is wise. By safeguarding compressed air systems against the detrimental effects of moisture. This essential equipment contributes to the smooth functioning of diverse processes. It serves as a critical component in creating an optimal working environment.