Compressor Air Dryer For Packaging

In the second batch, we purchased two sets of ly-d1100wh refrigerated dryers with a capacity of 110Nm³ / min. They are cooled by cooling water, and designed with a box and plate. And they are equipped with pre and post-precision filters to provide stable and clean compressed air for the packaging machine.

Machine Used

300m³/Min Water-Cooled Industrial Refrigeration Air Compressor Dryer



This is large air dryer for air compressor. It’s air capacity is 300m³/min. Moreover, we can customize compressed air dryer up to 350m³/min. Refrigerant air dryer is a compressed air treatment equipment. It can remove the moisture or water in the dryer system. Finally achieve ideal pressure dew point. This industrial air compressor dryer uses 3-in-1 plate heat exchanger. So the pressure dew point is more stable. It can reach 2~8℃.