Why Buy An Compressor Desiccant Dryer?

When a spray cannon uses a compressor desiccant dryer to expand the air, the air cools, and the vapor condenses into a liquid. Bulk liquids produced when compressed air expands via an aperture or a control valve might cause serious issues.

How Does A Compressor Desiccant Dryer Work?

Two similar towers packed with desiccant typically make up a compressor desiccant dryer. While the other tower is regenerated, one building is used to dry the compressed air. The dryer occasionally swaps the tower (under the control of a central control unit). The second tower is now drying the compressed air. While the first is drying the wet, saturated desiccant.

How to Determine The Status of The Desiccant of The Compressor Desiccant Dryer?

Very Simple! There are little beads visible behind the glass. This is an indication rather than the drying desiccant. If the air is too moist, the hue will shift. To ensure that your compressor desiccant dryer is operating correctly, check it sometimes.

compressor desiccant dryer

Compressor Desiccant Dryer‘s Desiccant Drying or Regeneration

After doing its work for a while, the compressor desiccant dryer becomes saturated with water after absorbing all the water from the compressed air. More water cannot be stored in it. We have to get rid of all that water to reuse the desiccant. The term for this is regeneration. The desiccant is dried using the hot air method. It uses a separate system that includes a fan and an electric heater. Regular air is being pulled from the compressor room.

What Makes The Compressor Desiccant Dryer Contaminated?

The main cause of desiccant contamination is compressor lubricant. A film forms over the compressor desiccant dryer if oil droplets land on the beads. The beads cannot absorb water because of this coating. The presence of filters in front of a desiccant dryer is due to this. Before the coalescing filter can capture the oil droplets, a particle filter is frequently required to safeguard the coalescing filter. You need an additional particle filter to capture desiccant dust after the dryer.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Compressor Desiccant Dryer

  • Flow Rate: The maximum capacity of your compressor desiccant dry must be considered when selecting an air drier. The air compression horsepower is multiplied by four to approximate power.
  • Operating Pressure: Your system’s lowest and maximum operating pressure will determine which air dryer suits you. 100 PSIG is the rating for dryers. Capacity decreases for every 100 PSIG increase. Pressure rises result in a reduction in moisture load, which eases pressure system stress.
  • Air inlet And Dew Point Temperature: Dew point requirements are determined after considering your system’s working air inlet temperature requirements, including the minimum and maximum temperatures. The optimum drier will satisfy those specifications and function efficiently at a dew point temperature lower than the lowest ambient temperature to which the compressed air system may be exposed.


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