Compressed Air Dryer For Aluminum

North China Aluminum Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978. It is a large-scale modern aluminum processing enterprise jointly invested by Hong Kong Dongfang Xinyuan Industrial Investment Company, Aluminum Corporation of China, CITIC Industrial Trust and Investment Company and Hebei Metallurgical Group. The company integrates the production and deep processing of aluminum plates, aluminum strips, aluminum foils and tubes, aluminum rods, and aluminum profiles. It is a national advanced technology enterprise and one of the 520 key enterprises.

This case transforms the existing air compressor room into an energy-saving room. By optimizing the air compressor and pipeline, the owner can save about 10,000 kWh of electricity every day. So it creates great value for customers.

Combined with the actual working conditions on site, we suggest that the owner transform the original complete set of old-fashioned cold dryers and non-heat absorption dryers into our company’s HRB series blast heat zero-gas consumption regenerative adsorption dryers. The energy saving effect is obvious.

Machine Used

37m³/Min Zero Air-Loss Blower Purge Regenerative Air Dryer



This zero air loss blower purge desiccant desiccant dryer system includes several parts. That is, two towers, blower, electric heater system and cooler system. In addition, there are also switching valve and control systems, etc. Welcome to inquire our regenerative desiccant air dryer.

Firstly, the blower draws in ambient air. Then the heater heats the air. So they will heat the adsorbent to desorb moisture. During cooling, the hot air circulates through the cooler and regeneration tower. It performs continuous closed cycle. The regeneration tower is cooled and desorbed. The entire regeneration process does not consume compressed air. Therefore, compared with heatless dryer, it can save energy energy saving by more than 70%.