Air Compressor Dryer For Glass

Lansi Technology is a listed company mainly engaged in R&D. It produces and sells high-end window touch protection glass panels, modules, and new window touch protection materials.

Guided by scientific and technological innovation and based on advanced manufacturing. The company adheres to the road of outward-oriented and technologically advanced group development. With its unique technological and management model innovation, the company can already develop and design special molds, rapid research and development, and large-scale production of special products.

The amount of compressed air used by the owner is very large. The previous compressed air systems were mostly screw compressors and micro heat regeneration adsorption dryers with high energy consumption. After on-site investigation and technical communication, three 1120kw centrifuges were finally used to replace the original screw compressor. A compression heat zero gas consumption adsorption dryer with a 240nm ³ / min capacity was equipped to replace the original micro heat dryer. It has an obvious energy-saving effect and ensures the pressure dew point is lower than – 40 ℃ for a long time.

Machines Used

210m³/Min Zero Air Loss HOC Type Absorption Air Dryer




This absorption dryer mainly includes three parts. That is, drying, cooling and heating system. Oil-free air compressor discharges hot air. The HOC dryer makes full use of these heat. Then heat the adsorbent desiccant for regeneration. On the one hand, there is no air consumption during regeneration process. On the other hand, it cancels the electric heater of the micro-heat desiccant dryer.