Compressed Air Dryer For Paper Industry

Shandong Sun Honghe Paper Industry Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Jining, Shandong Province. The company mainly manufactures, sells, sells, distributes, and R & D of Kraft liner board, spinning cardboard, light paper, household paper, and special paper.

The company has invested in a new production line. It purchases 6 sets of LY-D500AH refrigerated dryers and 3 sets of LY-D600HX micro heat regeneration and absorption dryers simultaneously to ensure its production gas. So far, it has been running for more than 600 days without fault, and the user experience is good.

Machine Used

3.8m³/Min 130 CFM Air-Cooled Refrigerant Air Dryer



The air capcity of this compressed air dryer is 3.8m³/min. That is, 130 cfm air dryer. It’s high inlet temperature type. The max inlet air temp. can reach 80 ℃. Therefore, this refrigerated air dryer for sale suits most severe conditions. And this refrigerant air dryer is for normal pressure. That is, application pressure is 7 bar, 8 bar and 10 bar. If you want high pressure, we can also manufacture it for you. For 130 cfm air dryer, the max pressure can reach 60 bar.